There are two main ways to be involved at Project Bayview. Either you are mentoring someone in our Thrive Mentorship Program or you are being mentored by someone and being trained up to be a mentor.

1. THRIVE Mentor (Apply)

We are looking for great live-in mentors to join the one-year THRIVE Mentorship Program at Project Bayview. These individuals have shown a track record for being whole-heartedly committed to making disciples before coming into Project Bayview. These individuals work great with people and love helping people become leaders.

2. Be Mentored (Apply)

We are always looking for men who love Jesus but are looking to grow in different areas of their life to become the leader that God is calling them to be. That is what Project Bayview is all about. We believe that God is going to make leaders out of some people that the world might have given up on.

3. Volunteer at Project Bayview (Apply)

Apply to use your gifts to make disciples at PBV.

Mail or drop off the completed application to Project Bayview (4100 3rd St., San Francisco, CA 94124.) Our staff will review your application and prayerfully consider if you're a good fit to be a mentor at Project Bayview.