The Mission

Project Bayview is a biblical discipleship home in the heart of the Bayview district of San Francisco. We believe God is raising up men to go back into the community and tell people about Jesus. 

We want to take men and team them up with a live-in mentor to help them learn how to study the bible, develop their work ethic, and become a disciple maker themselves. We bring in guys who are following Jesus, but need help in taking the next step towards becoming the person God intended them to be. Want to help us achieve this vision? 

The Program

Each candidate will be interviewed and selected based on his drive to grow in faithfulness to God and desire to make disciples and develop himself as a hard worker.


Once selected, they will enter into our two-year program and move into our building.  Each participant will room with one of our mentors. We believe that disciples are made by living in community with fellow believers and following the example of those further along in their faith. During their stay in the building, they will be taught from scripture what it means to be a disciple, how to make disciples, and be giving practical job/skills training.

They will do life with each other as apart of a family.  In addition to spiritual growth, we will help them develop a solid work ethic and assist them finding employment and pursuing careers of interest.


The Selection Process

We feel that our first responsibility is to members of the body of Christ who need some extra help. Because of that, we want to welcome into our program brothers in Christ who are coming out of prison or off the streets. They'll be brought into our program, discipled, trained to work hard and given plenty of time to fellowship with the family of Project Bayview. At the end of their time at Project Bayview, they'll be able to make disciples of Jesus and minister to their community.