Project Bayview is a 1 year biblical based transitional housing program; offering life on life mentorship, basic life-skill, and career development.

Our goal is to create an environment where a person can:

  • Find their true identity in Christ and what it means to be a man/woman, husband/wife, and leader
  • Experience family by living in community with godly people
  • Be poured into by positive influences who walk the talk and will walk through this journey with them
  • Learn the Bible, basic theology, and how to walk by faith
  • Learn basic life skills such as proper etiquette, communication, budgeting, professionalism, etc.
  • Develop skill or trade that could lead to future employment opportunities
  • Serve in ministry and Kingdom activities, such as at our restaurant downstairs - Huli Huli. Proceeds of Huli Huli are used to turn the fortunes of those in deep poverty.

Defining Success

Our goal for our alumni is to develop a right relationship toward:


  • Knows, loves and follows Christ
  • Empowered, filled and led by the Spirit
  • Studies and obeys His Word


  • Loves the church: Serves and encourages his brothers and sisters
  • Makes disciples: Tells others about Jesus, and models His ways
  • Cares for others: Finds ways to practically show compassion to those in need

The World

  • Understands the brevity of life in light of eternity
  • Not in love with the things or ways of the world
  • Works hard and is content living simply


Our Plan

Our mentorship program is designed on the idea of leading by example through three core areas:


Head — Classes, mentoring, personal study, and discussions.


Heart — Build relationships, prayer, worship, devotions, discipleship, community dinners, and group activities.


Hands — Serve local community, make disciples, be the church, giver vs. taker, develop good work ethic.